Flower Vase

This is a flower vase with pink flowers in it. This boy is eating ice cream with a flower vase next to him.

The flower vase was designed as a black, light brown and brown colors. And the table cloth is red and dark red. When I was done with this table cloth, I drew flowers in the vase. I drew leaves that are light green, and stems are dark green.

When I thought it was done, I thought I should put a window on my drawing. I was done with the window, I looked at it, I thought it was boring, so I added a boy eating ice cream.

I drew this picture by using sharpies for the table cloth, the boy, the vase and the flowers. I used color pencils for the window.

What do you think of my drawing?

Full Drawing of Flower Vase

Flower Vase
Flower Vase

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