Drawings Where Do I Begin

When I was little I always liked to draw here or there, and everywhere.

When I just started Pre-K, my neighbor opened a new Chinese drawing school. She told my mom it was good for children. I tried it out, and I was very interested, so my mom signed up for it. I went to the Chinese drawing class once a week. It took one and half hour for each classes. I did it for half year. I wasn’t good at it. I always crawled on the table, and couldn’t even concentrate for one and half hour. And then my mom sent me to another drawing teacher. I only took two classes, then this teacher told my mom that I wasn’t ready.

After that I only drew in my school.

When it was Spring in second grade, I really liked drawing I told my mom, so my mom took me to another drawing teacher. This teacher just looked me in the eyes, and then she immediately knew I like drawing. She said I was the student to work with. That’s when my drawing journey started.

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