Ocean Animals

When I was in the second grade, I loved to watch Octonauts. I learned a lot of ocean facts from it. It was really fun. So I decided to write this down here.

Did you know…

Blobfishes are the slowest fish in the world!

Vampire Squids have spikes and shoot out slime.

Did you know Siphonophores can glow? They look like one big creature, but they are actually made up of a group of smaller creatures.

Did you know lion’s mane jellyfishes are as long as blue whales?

Long arm squids are the only squids that have elbows.

Comb jellies are the only jellyfish that glows and bounces.

Did you know Spookfish’s heads are see through?

Giant isopods are the only bugs under the sea.

Did you know colossal squids have hooks on the end of their tentacles?

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed!

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